During the past month we have been busy with starting to talk to small groups of Parishioners in some identified focus groups; The Youth Club, Twenty to Thirty year olds, Thirty to Forty year old Commuters, Eighteen to Twenty-Four year olds and, most recently, Fifty to Sixty year olds. We have another couple of groups organised but are very keen to talk to as many Parishioners as possible so anyone who would like to share their visions and views of the future of Bromham.

We ran a stall at the Carnival and were pleased that so many people dropped by to find out what we are doing and to contribute ideas in response to the questions we posed. Any Neighbourhood Plan must reflect the thoughts and wishes of the parish residents. So your input is vital to the production of the document.

At our next committee meeting our aim is to compile and collate those views that we have gathered over the last weeks of conversations; both in the focus groups and at the carnival. Your views of what you don’t want are as important and valid as those things you would like. This isn’t just about compiling a “wish list” for the Parish. This is also about celebrating those things that are great and we don’t want to change as much as it is about managing the level of change (if any) that is wanted or needed.

Wiltshire County are sending out a rural housing needs survey to every household in the Parish, so you should receive one of these soon. Please complete and return it. If there is no feedback Wiltshire County Council will assume you have no views or opinions. It is very obvious already that you are passionate about Bromham!

We are working towards an open meeting where you will be able to discuss the results of these consultations and a decision made on the direction that the Neighbourhood Plan should take.

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