Update for July 2018


The current focus of the steering group is to gather evidence and information from Parish residents on which to formulate, with further consultation with parishioners, the Bromham Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

It is important that parishioners understand that it is their views, wishes, needs and opinions that are required to enable the Neighbourhood Plan to have the widest support across the Parish. The steering group only exists to gather and collate those views.

  • We have held a number of Focus Groups with a number of parishioners across the full age range in the Parish
  • We had a stall at the Carnival with explanatory brochures on what a Neighbourhood Plan is and with members of the steering group inviting views to be recorded.

We are currently reviewing those views to see what themes arise. These currently include landscape & amenity, community & social, transport & infrastructure and housing, covering what should be preserved and what developments and opportunities might arise. Other themes may well emerge.

You should also have received a Rural Housing Needs survey from Wiltshire Council.

A representative from Wiltshire Council Planning Department attended our July meeting to offer guidance.

All this information will be combined with other data from Wiltshire Council in due course to come up with a “vision” for the future of the parish for open discussion to allow the direction of plan to emerge.

Please remember, we need your comments for your plan for your village. Please send any comments either via the contact form on this website or by:

  Email – bromhamnpsg@gmail.com

  Facebook – Bromham Village Neighbourhood Plan 

This is proving to be a time consuming process and we are only a “handful” of volunteer members of the community who all live Bromham, so please bear with us on timing.

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