Update for October 2018


The team is now moving towards producing and submitting a Scoping Report for the parish that is to say the objectives, priorities, and vision on which the Neighbourhood Plan will be based. This report will reflect the feedback we have had from our meetings with the residents of the Parish, because as we have stressed the plan must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not the opinions of the steering group.

This report is to be approved by formal submission to Wiltshire Council. However there is still some work ongoing with our planning, in particular defining the much requested need for affordable housing. We have just received a draft of the Housing Needs Survey report and so now have figures for the number of affordable homes likely to be needed. This means we can move on to consider potential sites for new housing, and how such housing will be funded – for instance via a Community Led Housing scheme, 

Since the commencement of the formation of the Steering Group we now have about half the number members, and in particular it is with sadness to the steering group that our Chairlady, Catherine Read, announced she will be joining her husband while he is on secondment overseas. Her hard work to keep the group focused will be missed but we wish her luck. However we are determined to complete the work started and as ever welcome your views.

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