Update for November


The steering group has now submitted the application for Bromham Parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area, and this has been approved.  This establishes the boundary within which we can influence future development. With this in mind, the feedback from various focus groups has been invaluable in shaping the overall plan, as this must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not on the opinions of the steering group.

We would like to thank those who attended the Nape’s Cakes meeting, we had a good amount of positive feedback and ideas for the future, with the overall theme remaining consistent to findings of previous focus groups. This contributes to the confidence we have in our approach with it being evidence based and led by community engagement. For those who could not make the Nape’s Cake’s meeting and would like to contribute to the discussion we would welcome your views by way of email, social media or comments left on the website.

The next step for the group will be seeking potential professional expertise to prepare a draft neighbourhood plan. This process will involve identifying areas of land for housing and/or economic development in accordance with the Wiltshire Core Strategy and to also outline specific requirements for development, including characteristics such as design and density. This is also where we form distinct local policies to help meet the specific issues and needs identified through the scoping exercise. To help us in this process we will again be looking for fresh community engagement in the form of public meetings and community groups.

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