Update for January 2019

bromham church

On December 10th a presentation by representatives of the Community Led Housing team from Wiltshire Council was held, prior to the monthly Parish Council meeting. It was a very useful exercise and has given the Steering Group and Parish Council much food for thought. It is likely that a Community Led initiative for the village may be the best way to provide the required numbers of affordable homes, as identified in the Bromham Rural Housing Needs Survey. The Community Led Housing team from the Council have already been in touch, since the New Year break, offering their help and expertise.

In early January members of the Neighbourhood Planning Group walked around the village and examined the sites already identified by Wiltshire Council as future potential development sites. The assessment of such sites is one of the primary steps in the development of the plan, and our conclusions will be incorporated into the draft plan. There is a nationally set list of guidelines for us to use in order to help us reach our conclusions. Wiltshire Council representatives are also able to guide us with these criteria.

As mentioned previously; we are very keen to hear from any village landowners who may be contemplating future building plans. This call for sites is so that we can include any forthcoming development into the neighbourhood plan.

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