Update for June 2019


The neighbourhood planning group has been busy collating the responses from its ‘call for sites’, thank you for your submissions. These will be invaluable for the group’s plan when engaging professional help in the form of a consultant to help move this worthwhile project forward. With this in mind, we have been out to tender to four different specialist planning consultants and we are delighted to say that after much deliberation we have instructed a consultant whom we feel will be best suited for our situation.

At our last meeting we were pleased to meet with another steering group member from a neighbouring village who kindly shared their experience with us. This proved to be incredibly worthwhile and will surely help us with key decisions moving forward.

Before our next meeting we also have representatives from our steering group attending a neighbourhood planning workshop at Wiltshire Council. This should keep us well informed of any updates to the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and help us with key parts of the neighbourhood planning process.

Prior to our first official meeting with the consultants we would welcome any ideas people may have with respect to particular housing needs in the village and this could be extended to other community, greenspace or infrastructure ideas.

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