Update for January 2020

Field to hill

After a period where we were working towards engaging professional help to aid us with compiling our plan, we are pleased to announce that Place Studios have now been engaged as our Consultants. They have worked with several local Neighbourhood Planning Groups, including Seend, so are very aware of the format of the finished document that will be required by Wiltshire County Council, and also are familiar with the local area.

Place Studios have already helped us with the intricacies of applying for a Government Grant to fund fees to allow us to continue the process. We were very pleased when our application was successful, and the grant agreed at the end of November.

We have had two meetings with Place Studios and they have offered guidance as to the direction we now need to be working towards, and to provide them with information that is pertinent and necessary to be included in the completed document.

The funding has also allowed us to engage a company called Aecom, who will be visiting the village to assess all the sites that were identified when we made our “Call for Sites” request last year. These sites are for potential development. Aecom will assess these sites in accordance with the specific criteria required by Wiltshire County Council. Without these completed assessments in the required format the completed Plan will not be accepted by the Council when it is eventually submitted.

We are making good progress, but there are still many steps to complete to a final proposal for the completed village plan.

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