Update for February 2020


As you may know, Bromham Parish Council have started work on a Neighbourhood Plan, which, once in place will be used in the determination of planning applications within the Parish. Neighbourhood Plans are community-led documents for guiding future development within an area. Our Plan could cover local issues such as housing, employment, heritage, local character and transport.

Planning policies within the Neighbourhood Plan must be based on sound local evidence. At the moment, the Steering Group is working on collecting local evidence related to important green spaces, walking and cycling links, community facilities and local employment in the parish.

The Plan must be based on a proper understanding of Bromham Parish and reflect the views and aspirations of the community, so local evidence – your ideas and comments – are really important.

We are planning a drop-in event after Easter, on Sunday April 26th, where we will be sharing our initial work on the Plan, including our draft Vision and Objectives, and other evidence base work. These will all be draft and will need your ideas and comments, to ensure that the Plan reflects our community’s priorities and experiences. Everyone will be welcome at this event! More details to come…

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