Vision and Objectives Survey – Results so far

Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey about the draft Vision and Objectives for our neighbourhood plan. At the time of writing 36 people have completed it, and so despite our moving on to consultation in other areas we will keep this survey open for a while yet – to give others a chance to contribute ideas.

It is encouraging that of those who responded over 80% either ‘strongly agreed’ or ‘agreed’ with the draft vision. The specific comments raised against the draft vision were:

  • I would like to see small housing developments across the whole Parish area.
  • Public Right of Way alleys need cleaning and maintaining to acceptable standards. I use them a lot and many are in a deplorable state
  • The vision sounds idyllic. I hope it’s achievable and isn’t compromised for financial gains.
  • Whilst it makes a good start, I am hoping the final version will be wider and encompass all age ranges.
  • New housing is not necessary
  • No mention of the growing population of horse owners and riders within the village. Connecting bridleways

When asked to select which were the most important objectives, with the option to select more than one, the support for each was as follows:

53% for Draft objective 1: Ensure that any new housing development contains the right type and mix of properties, including affordable and market value housing to meet the identified needs of the whole community.

61% for Draft objective 2: Protect and enhance the character and local distinctiveness of the area by ensuring that any new development is at an appropriate scale, is in keeping with the character of the parish and is to a high quality of design.

22% for Draft objective 3: Reduce carbon emissions and ensure that future development contributes to Wiltshire Council’s carbon reduction aims and Bromham community’s resilience with respect to climate change.

28% for Draft objective 4: Protect existing employment sites in the parish, and encourage the provision of high-quality employment space allowing flexibility for businesses to start, grow, and stay in Bromham.

47% for Draft objective 5: Retain and improve options for walking, cycling and using public transport within the parish and for access to local towns.

67% for Draft objective 6: Protect existing community facilities and support their future enhancement.

67% for Draft objective 7: Protect and enhance our natural environment, including our important green spaces, by formally designating them as Local Green Space.

The specific comments raised against the objectives were:

  • Retaining our young people by somehow providing suitable opportunities to affordably live here.
  • They sound good. Could it include under 3. Something about charging points in car parks for electric vehicles?
  • I share and totally agree with these objectives. I look forward to hearing concrete measures
  • Single people & couples also have a right to be able to afford to remain in the village once they leave their parental home. 1 and 2 bed houses for affordable rent is essential alongside family homes. Private rent is not affordable to most people in the village – even with both parties working, unfortunately if both are working they will find it almost impossible to be housed via the local authority and are forced to move out of the village to find homes that they can afford.
  • The new houses by the greyhound were out of budget for a lot of people who live in the village but want an upgrade so maybe more affordable homes would keep people moving into town
  • Objective 2 I am not sure this area has had too much character built into it over recent years so it will be difficult to describe our style/character. Unless the objective is to build mismatch then this cannot be set out. Reword may fit better.
  • Objective 3 why not designate our own carbon reduction plans and to make them wide ranging including all including farms etc.
  • Objective 5 please include horse riders alongside walkers and cyclists

If in reading this you feel that your opinions have not been expressed then please get in touch via our Facebook group, the contact page here or by completing the online survey.

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