Update for November 2020

[Text originally appeared in The Hoot magazine November 2020]

Since the last edition, the NP steering group have been running an online survey on public rights of way and active travel routes within the Parish. We have had a flurry of responses and what came across was how important all the routes are to us. It was clear that we all value our footpaths for exercise, the views, as connections, for safety (avoiding the non-pavemented roads) and for meeting others.
The Route that generated the most interest and comments was, not surprisingly, ‘the allotment path’, connecting The Pound with the Village centre. It was cited as the most important path in the village, by numerous respondents for its connectivity, all weather surface, openness, views and safety. It has been in use for over 40yrs and many generations of families have used it as a route to and from the school. Some improvements to the surface and extra lighting would make this the best path in Bromham.
Close behind for popularity of comments was bridleway ‘Stoney Lane’, which, despite the section of slippery cobbles and overgrowth, did not deter us from using this path to connect to Chittoe, Westbrook and beyond. This route was special because it evoked memories from childhood and past history.

Also, around Bromham we have our informal paths that have been in use for decades. They have become part of our village life, serving as connections and for daily exercise offering safe alternatives to the road for access to school/busy kids and allotments. Everyone valued their informal paths for the amazing views and as a place to meet others.
If you want to see more detail, the reports on Routes, Bridleways and Informal Paths are available here.

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