Update for February 2021

The neighbourhood plan steering group has attacked 2021 with renewed vigour, in an attempt to complete the many evidence gathering reports which are needed to back up any neighbourhood plan. With much to do before we arrive at the point where we can present a draft neighbourhood plan for consultation, by residents, we would welcome further volunteers to the group. In particular it would be great to have help from anyone with knowledge of local history, the geography of the local landscape or the ecology and biodiversity to be found in the parish. So if you like to put pen to paper or have any experience in running consultations then please get in touch.

In recent weeks we have been consulting on the shortlist of assets that we could protect by designating them as Local Green Spaces. So far we have had unanimous agreement about the Social Centre play area and the Millennium Cross and a high level of support for the other three: the triangle of land in Highfield, the verge at the bottom of Church Hill and the old allotment site off The Pound.

Meanwhile Wiltshire Council are consulting on changes to the countywide Local Plan. As part of this they are proposing an allocation of 80 new houses to be built in Bromham by 2036. However 13 of these have already been built or are being built. If you think that this number is inappropriate then please respond to the Wiltshire Council “Empowering Rural Communities” consultation before 9th March. In the end our Neighbourhood Plan will need to fit in with the allocation made by Wiltshire Council.

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