With the COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing the neighbourhood plan steering group had to cancel the planned drop in consultation session. However we are still keen to make progress with the neighbourhood plan and so are running a series of online consultations on a variety of topics. This page contains details of these consultations, with the newest at the top.

Locally Valued Heritage Assets

In our neighbourhood plan we have the opportunity to include a list of buildings and features, the value of which would have to be taken into account if a planning application came forward that affected one or more of them. So we can add a degree of protection to heritage assets that are not already afforded protection.

The steering group are seeking nomination for suitable heritage assets. If you wish to put anything forward then please fill in the form in the following document and post in in the box in the Church porch or in the village shop. Alternatively leave a message via the contact form on this website.

Footpaths Audit

Our Neighbourhood Plan can make a strong, locally detailed argument for retaining improving and adding to the network of paths into, out of and around the settlements in the parish – and this was clearly a priority highlighted in the draft findings from our initial consultation in 2018.

Between the 18th and 23rd August 2020, using the Neighbourhood Plan Facebook page, seven routes around the village and linking the hamlets, were described using a map along with photographs and a few open questions, designed to start a conversation and get feedback on the Routes. The feedback from that exercise can be found in this report:

If you have any further comments regarding footpaths in the parish then please get in touch either via the Contacts page here or via Facebook.

Living and Working in Bromham: Employment

[August 2020] So far we have only had 10 responses to our Employment Survey. However these indicate that given the chance more people would like to be able to work within the parish – of the 10 two already work here but six more would like to. Of particular relevance at the moment is that for 50% of the respondents their job has been affected by COVID-19 and 60% of the respondents are considering changes to the way they work in future, in light of COVID-19.

Suggestions for making Bromham a better place to work in the future include provision of better internet connection, a coffee shop where meetings can be held, longer Post Office opening hours and a Fish & Chip shop!

Obviously in a Parish with 1000+ residents of working age a response from just 10 people may be wildly unrepresentative. So please help us to address that by completing the survey here.

[July 2020] We want to ensure that Bromham remains a thriving village, by protecting our existing local jobs and helping our young people to work here.

To find out our local employment needs, we have already spoken to a range of Bromham’s employers about their work and plans for the future.

Now, we want to hear about YOUR employment needs, and your experience of working, or seeking work, in Bromham.

Please let us know your experiences and views by completing this short survey on employment needs and aspirations in the Parish: Employment Survey

Living and Working in Bromham: Community Facilities

[June 2020] The steering group have looked at the community facilities available to residents of the parish and we have written a draft report detailing our findings. Click on the image below to see the full report.

The facilities that we have identified are:

  • Schools and other places of learning
    • St Nicholas Church of England VC Primary School
    • Busy Kids
  • Places of worship
    • Methodist Chapel
    • St Nicolas Church
  • Community centres / meeting halls
    • Social Centre
  • Open spaces, recreation and play
    • (Silver) Jubilee Field
    • Millennium field
    • The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Field
    • Playground by Social Centre
  • Allotments and cemeteries
    • Allotments
    • Conservation Cemetery
    • Cemetery
  • Pubs and restaurants
    • The Greyhound
    • The Westbrook
    • Haveli
    • The Owl community pub
  • Local shops
    • Bromham Stores
    • V&P Collins
    • HF Stiles
  • Public car parks
    • Village car park (by The Greyhound)
    • Breach Close car park
    • Chantry car park

If we have missed anything, or if there are other community facilities that you feel are desperately needed within the parish, then please get in touch via our Facebook group or the contact page here.

Draft Vision and Objectives

[May 2020] Based on our work to date, the steering group has been working on a vision and objectives. Please give us your views on the draft vision and objectives by completing this short survey.

Our vision describes how we would like Bromham to be over the coming 15-20 years. It sets out a broad picture of the aspirations for Bromham Parish and what land use and development challenges will need to be addressed looking ahead.

The objectives are more specific and set out what the Neighbourhood Plan aims to achieve. They set out what needs to be done in order to achieve the vision.

The vision and objectives will provide the framework to develop the Neighbourhood Plan’s policies and practical projects. Each policy will relate to one or more objectives. The policies will be used by Planning Officers in Wiltshire Council when considering any planning application in Bromham Parish.


Draft Vision

Our vision is to ensure Bromham remains a thriving village. One that builds on the welcoming and friendly nature of the community and supports our young people to stay in Bromham, with opportunities for jobs and appropriate new housing to meet local need.

We want to plan positively for the future. We wish to preserve and enhance the character of Bromham; the open spaces and biodiversity, many connecting footpaths, agricultural and horticultural heritage and diverse buildings.

We wish to protect our history, yet look to the future, so that Bromham can embrace changes reducing the impact of climate change and create benefits for the community.

Draft Objectives

Draft objective 1: Ensure that any new housing development contains the right type and mix of properties, including affordable and market value housing to meet the identified needs of the whole community.

Draft objective 2: Protect and enhance the character and local distinctiveness of the area by ensuring that any new development is at an appropriate scale, is in keeping with the character of the parish and is to a high quality of design.

Draft objective 3: Reduce carbon emissions and ensure that future development contributes to Wiltshire Council’s carbon reduction aims and Bromham community’s resilience with respect to climate change.

Draft objective 4: Protect existing employment sites in the parish, and encourage the provision of high-quality employment space allowing flexibility for businesses to start, grow, and stay in Bromham.

Draft objective 5: Retain and improve options for walking, cycling and using public transport within the parish and for access to local towns.

Draft objective 6: Protect existing community facilities and support their future enhancement.

Draft objective 7: Protect and enhance our natural environment, including our important green spaces, by formally designating them as Local Green Space.