Update for April 2020


With the COVID-19 lockdown the steering group were forced to cancel the planned community coffee morning consultation on progress to date. We are however continuing in our evidence gathering and are launching a series of online consultations in the coming weeks and months.

The first online consultation will look at the draft vision and objectives which the steering group has drawn up based on previous community engagement. This will be launched in early May.

Meanwhile the response to the COVID-19 situation in Bromham has showed just what a strong and caring community we have. A big thank you to everyone who is helping to support their neighbours through this difficult time.

Update for February 2020


As you may know, Bromham Parish Council have started work on a Neighbourhood Plan, which, once in place will be used in the determination of planning applications within the Parish. Neighbourhood Plans are community-led documents for guiding future development within an area. Our Plan could cover local issues such as housing, employment, heritage, local character and transport.

Planning policies within the Neighbourhood Plan must be based on sound local evidence. At the moment, the Steering Group is working on collecting local evidence related to important green spaces, walking and cycling links, community facilities and local employment in the parish.

The Plan must be based on a proper understanding of Bromham Parish and reflect the views and aspirations of the community, so local evidence – your ideas and comments – are really important.

We are planning a drop-in event after Easter, on Sunday April 26th, where we will be sharing our initial work on the Plan, including our draft Vision and Objectives, and other evidence base work. These will all be draft and will need your ideas and comments, to ensure that the Plan reflects our community’s priorities and experiences. Everyone will be welcome at this event! More details to come…

Update for January 2020

Field to hill

After a period where we were working towards engaging professional help to aid us with compiling our plan, we are pleased to announce that Place Studios have now been engaged as our Consultants. They have worked with several local Neighbourhood Planning Groups, including Seend, so are very aware of the format of the finished document that will be required by Wiltshire County Council, and also are familiar with the local area.

Place Studios have already helped us with the intricacies of applying for a Government Grant to fund fees to allow us to continue the process. We were very pleased when our application was successful, and the grant agreed at the end of November.

We have had two meetings with Place Studios and they have offered guidance as to the direction we now need to be working towards, and to provide them with information that is pertinent and necessary to be included in the completed document.

The funding has also allowed us to engage a company called Aecom, who will be visiting the village to assess all the sites that were identified when we made our “Call for Sites” request last year. These sites are for potential development. Aecom will assess these sites in accordance with the specific criteria required by Wiltshire County Council. Without these completed assessments in the required format the completed Plan will not be accepted by the Council when it is eventually submitted.

We are making good progress, but there are still many steps to complete to a final proposal for the completed village plan.

Update for October 2019


Whilst things appear to have gone a bit quiet on the neighbourhood plan front the steering group has been plugging away in the background. Realising that we needed more expertise, in order to create the neighbourhood plan, the group have engaged with Place Studio planning consultants. In July they held an initial workshop meeting with us, to see where we have got to and to scope out the remaining work.  Since then we have received a full quotation for their part of the work and are currently applying for grant funding to cover the costs of this.

Once this funding is in place we expect to start making more rapid progress!

Update for June 2019


The neighbourhood planning group has been busy collating the responses from its ‘call for sites’, thank you for your submissions. These will be invaluable for the group’s plan when engaging professional help in the form of a consultant to help move this worthwhile project forward. With this in mind, we have been out to tender to four different specialist planning consultants and we are delighted to say that after much deliberation we have instructed a consultant whom we feel will be best suited for our situation.

At our last meeting we were pleased to meet with another steering group member from a neighbouring village who kindly shared their experience with us. This proved to be incredibly worthwhile and will surely help us with key decisions moving forward.

Before our next meeting we also have representatives from our steering group attending a neighbourhood planning workshop at Wiltshire Council. This should keep us well informed of any updates to the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and help us with key parts of the neighbourhood planning process.

Prior to our first official meeting with the consultants we would welcome any ideas people may have with respect to particular housing needs in the village and this could be extended to other community, greenspace or infrastructure ideas.

Update for March 2019


Your Neighbourhood Planning Group are still seeking potential sites for development within the parish. The current ‘Call for Sites’ will close at the end of April 2019, to give the group a defined list of potential sites to assess. If you have any land that you wish to be considered then please get in touch by then.

We are currently attempting to engage professional assistance, initially to ensure that the site assessment process is conducted fairly and to the benefit of the parish residents, then to create a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Update for February 2019


As advised last month, your Neighbourhood Planning Group walked the seven sites already identified by Wiltshire Council as potential development areas, that were within or adjacent to the settlement area of Bromham. These sites varied in size from 0.08ha to 18.5ha. Each site will be initially assessed against the findings from the village housing needs survey (this was circulated within the Parish Magazine last summer).

The housing needs survey highlighted an initial requirement, above all other categories, for affordable homes. A total of 14 new homes has emerged as being the number currently being required within our Parish over the next three years. This number influences how the assessment of development sites will be managed for not only the current need, but also the potential capability for future need over 15-20 years’ time. As a result we would reiterate our call to any village landowners to make it known if they are considering the potential to develop some of their land, noting this call is Parish wide.