Update for October 2019


Whilst things appear to have gone a bit quiet on the neighbourhood plan front the steering group has been plugging away in the background. Realising that we needed more expertise, in order to create the neighbourhood plan, the group have engaged with Place Studio planning consultants. In July they held an initial workshop meeting with us, to see where we have got to and to scope out the remaining work.  Since then we have received a full quotation for their part of the work and are currently applying for grant funding to cover the costs of this.

Once this funding is in place we expect to start making more rapid progress!

Update for June 2019


The neighbourhood planning group has been busy collating the responses from its ‘call for sites’, thank you for your submissions. These will be invaluable for the group’s plan when engaging professional help in the form of a consultant to help move this worthwhile project forward. With this in mind, we have been out to tender to four different specialist planning consultants and we are delighted to say that after much deliberation we have instructed a consultant whom we feel will be best suited for our situation.

At our last meeting we were pleased to meet with another steering group member from a neighbouring village who kindly shared their experience with us. This proved to be incredibly worthwhile and will surely help us with key decisions moving forward.

Before our next meeting we also have representatives from our steering group attending a neighbourhood planning workshop at Wiltshire Council. This should keep us well informed of any updates to the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and help us with key parts of the neighbourhood planning process.

Prior to our first official meeting with the consultants we would welcome any ideas people may have with respect to particular housing needs in the village and this could be extended to other community, greenspace or infrastructure ideas.

Update for March 2019


Your Neighbourhood Planning Group are still seeking potential sites for development within the parish. The current ‘Call for Sites’ will close at the end of April 2019, to give the group a defined list of potential sites to assess. If you have any land that you wish to be considered then please get in touch by then.

We are currently attempting to engage professional assistance, initially to ensure that the site assessment process is conducted fairly and to the benefit of the parish residents, then to create a draft Neighbourhood Plan.

Update for February 2019


As advised last month, your Neighbourhood Planning Group walked the seven sites already identified by Wiltshire Council as potential development areas, that were within or adjacent to the settlement area of Bromham. These sites varied in size from 0.08ha to 18.5ha. Each site will be initially assessed against the findings from the village housing needs survey (this was circulated within the Parish Magazine last summer).

The housing needs survey highlighted an initial requirement, above all other categories, for affordable homes. A total of 14 new homes has emerged as being the number currently being required within our Parish over the next three years. This number influences how the assessment of development sites will be managed for not only the current need, but also the potential capability for future need over 15-20 years’ time. As a result we would reiterate our call to any village landowners to make it known if they are considering the potential to develop some of their land, noting this call is Parish wide.

Update for January 2019

bromham church

On December 10th a presentation by representatives of the Community Led Housing team from Wiltshire Council was held, prior to the monthly Parish Council meeting. It was a very useful exercise and has given the Steering Group and Parish Council much food for thought. It is likely that a Community Led initiative for the village may be the best way to provide the required numbers of affordable homes, as identified in the Bromham Rural Housing Needs Survey. The Community Led Housing team from the Council have already been in touch, since the New Year break, offering their help and expertise.

In early January members of the Neighbourhood Planning Group walked around the village and examined the sites already identified by Wiltshire Council as future potential development sites. The assessment of such sites is one of the primary steps in the development of the plan, and our conclusions will be incorporated into the draft plan. There is a nationally set list of guidelines for us to use in order to help us reach our conclusions. Wiltshire Council representatives are also able to guide us with these criteria.

As mentioned previously; we are very keen to hear from any village landowners who may be contemplating future building plans. This call for sites is so that we can include any forthcoming development into the neighbourhood plan.

Update for November


The steering group has now submitted the application for Bromham Parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area, and this has been approved.  This establishes the boundary within which we can influence future development. With this in mind, the feedback from various focus groups has been invaluable in shaping the overall plan, as this must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not on the opinions of the steering group.

We would like to thank those who attended the Nape’s Cakes meeting, we had a good amount of positive feedback and ideas for the future, with the overall theme remaining consistent to findings of previous focus groups. This contributes to the confidence we have in our approach with it being evidence based and led by community engagement. For those who could not make the Nape’s Cake’s meeting and would like to contribute to the discussion we would welcome your views by way of email, social media or comments left on the website.

The next step for the group will be seeking potential professional expertise to prepare a draft neighbourhood plan. This process will involve identifying areas of land for housing and/or economic development in accordance with the Wiltshire Core Strategy and to also outline specific requirements for development, including characteristics such as design and density. This is also where we form distinct local policies to help meet the specific issues and needs identified through the scoping exercise. To help us in this process we will again be looking for fresh community engagement in the form of public meetings and community groups.

Update for October 2018


The team is now moving towards producing and submitting a Scoping Report for the parish that is to say the objectives, priorities, and vision on which the Neighbourhood Plan will be based. This report will reflect the feedback we have had from our meetings with the residents of the Parish, because as we have stressed the plan must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not the opinions of the steering group.

This report is to be approved by formal submission to Wiltshire Council. However there is still some work ongoing with our planning, in particular defining the much requested need for affordable housing. We have just received a draft of the Housing Needs Survey report and so now have figures for the number of affordable homes likely to be needed. This means we can move on to consider potential sites for new housing, and how such housing will be funded – for instance via a Community Led Housing scheme, 

Since the commencement of the formation of the Steering Group we now have about half the number members, and in particular it is with sadness to the steering group that our Chairlady, Catherine Read, announced she will be joining her husband while he is on secondment overseas. Her hard work to keep the group focused will be missed but we wish her luck. However we are determined to complete the work started and as ever welcome your views.