Update for January 2019

bromham church

On December 10th a presentation by representatives of the Community Led Housing team from Wiltshire Council was held, prior to the monthly Parish Council meeting. It was a very useful exercise and has given the Steering Group and Parish Council much food for thought. It is likely that a Community Led initiative for the village may be the best way to provide the required numbers of affordable homes, as identified in the Bromham Rural Housing Needs Survey. The Community Led Housing team from the Council have already been in touch, since the New Year break, offering their help and expertise.

In early January members of the Neighbourhood Planning Group walked around the village and examined the sites already identified by Wiltshire Council as future potential development sites. The assessment of such sites is one of the primary steps in the development of the plan, and our conclusions will be incorporated into the draft plan. There is a nationally set list of guidelines for us to use in order to help us reach our conclusions. Wiltshire Council representatives are also able to guide us with these criteria.

As mentioned previously; we are very keen to hear from any village landowners who may be contemplating future building plans. This call for sites is so that we can include any forthcoming development into the neighbourhood plan.

Update for November


The steering group has now submitted the application for Bromham Parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area, and this has been approved.  This establishes the boundary within which we can influence future development. With this in mind, the feedback from various focus groups has been invaluable in shaping the overall plan, as this must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not on the opinions of the steering group.

We would like to thank those who attended the Nape’s Cakes meeting, we had a good amount of positive feedback and ideas for the future, with the overall theme remaining consistent to findings of previous focus groups. This contributes to the confidence we have in our approach with it being evidence based and led by community engagement. For those who could not make the Nape’s Cake’s meeting and would like to contribute to the discussion we would welcome your views by way of email, social media or comments left on the website.

The next step for the group will be seeking potential professional expertise to prepare a draft neighbourhood plan. This process will involve identifying areas of land for housing and/or economic development in accordance with the Wiltshire Core Strategy and to also outline specific requirements for development, including characteristics such as design and density. This is also where we form distinct local policies to help meet the specific issues and needs identified through the scoping exercise. To help us in this process we will again be looking for fresh community engagement in the form of public meetings and community groups.

Update for October 2018


The team is now moving towards producing and submitting a Scoping Report for the parish that is to say the objectives, priorities, and vision on which the Neighbourhood Plan will be based. This report will reflect the feedback we have had from our meetings with the residents of the Parish, because as we have stressed the plan must be based on the wishes of the parish residents and not the opinions of the steering group.

This report is to be approved by formal submission to Wiltshire Council. However there is still some work ongoing with our planning, in particular defining the much requested need for affordable housing. We have just received a draft of the Housing Needs Survey report and so now have figures for the number of affordable homes likely to be needed. This means we can move on to consider potential sites for new housing, and how such housing will be funded – for instance via a Community Led Housing scheme, 

Since the commencement of the formation of the Steering Group we now have about half the number members, and in particular it is with sadness to the steering group that our Chairlady, Catherine Read, announced she will be joining her husband while he is on secondment overseas. Her hard work to keep the group focused will be missed but we wish her luck. However we are determined to complete the work started and as ever welcome your views.

Update for August 2018


A very big thank you to all participants that have contributed to the focus group sessions held during the past months. This is an ongoing process and over the next month or so we will continue to reach out to as broad a cross section of our community as possible. The key aspect of a Neighbourhood Plan is that it must involve community engagement to ensure that the resulting objective, priorities and vision reflect the views of the community, hence we must be transparent in the way we have been obtaining our evidence gathering.

We have reviewed the findings to date and have started to collate the comments. Themes are emerging and it is interesting to note that we are finding common threads throughout all various focus group meetings held so far.

A draft “scoping document” based on this evidence is being formulated, pulling together the objectives, priorities and vision for our Parish community. The emerging themes are: Community/Social, Landscape and Amenity, Transport & Infrastructure and Housing. In particular the latter has shown an overwhelming need for affordable housing both for the young and elderly, or those with affordable family home needs. One aspect we shall be pursuing with regard to the latter theme will be to investigate the opportunity to provide affordable housing through a Community-led Housing scheme, an emerging Government supported initiative.  Community-led housing allows local people to play a leading role in solving housing problems, creating affordable homes and strong communities in ways that are difficult to achieve through mainstream housing.  It is a broad movement encompassing a range of approaches, including Community Land Trusts (CLTs), cooperatives, co-housing, self-help housing and group self-build, and can involve new build, regeneration or the use of existing buildings. We would welcome any thoughts or comments you have in this respect.

To ensure our “scoping document” is following prescribed protocols and to provide us with the comfort of knowledge we have undertaken the initial elements correctly, the draft has been presented to an officer from Wiltshire Council’s Planning Department. This Officer attended our last committee meeting and initial verbal comments were very favourable. We took away some key ideas to help us into the next stage which will culminate in an initial open Parish meeting where we shall present your ‘vision’.

Update for July 2018


The current focus of the steering group is to gather evidence and information from Parish residents on which to formulate, with further consultation with parishioners, the Bromham Parish Neighbourhood Plan.

It is important that parishioners understand that it is their views, wishes, needs and opinions that are required to enable the Neighbourhood Plan to have the widest support across the Parish. The steering group only exists to gather and collate those views.

  • We have held a number of Focus Groups with a number of parishioners across the full age range in the Parish
  • We had a stall at the Carnival with explanatory brochures on what a Neighbourhood Plan is and with members of the steering group inviting views to be recorded.

We are currently reviewing those views to see what themes arise. These currently include landscape & amenity, community & social, transport & infrastructure and housing, covering what should be preserved and what developments and opportunities might arise. Other themes may well emerge.

You should also have received a Rural Housing Needs survey from Wiltshire Council.

A representative from Wiltshire Council Planning Department attended our July meeting to offer guidance.

All this information will be combined with other data from Wiltshire Council in due course to come up with a “vision” for the future of the parish for open discussion to allow the direction of plan to emerge.

Please remember, we need your comments for your plan for your village. Please send any comments either via the contact form on this website or by:

  Email –

  Facebook – Bromham Village Neighbourhood Plan 

This is proving to be a time consuming process and we are only a “handful” of volunteer members of the community who all live Bromham, so please bear with us on timing.

Post Carnival Update

During the past month we have been busy with starting to talk to small groups of Parishioners in some identified focus groups; The Youth Club, Twenty to Thirty year olds, Thirty to Forty year old Commuters, Eighteen to Twenty-Four year olds and, most recently, Fifty to Sixty year olds. We have another couple of groups organised but are very keen to talk to as many Parishioners as possible so anyone who would like to share their visions and views of the future of Bromham.

We ran a stall at the Carnival and were pleased that so many people dropped by to find out what we are doing and to contribute ideas in response to the questions we posed. Any Neighbourhood Plan must reflect the thoughts and wishes of the parish residents. So your input is vital to the production of the document.

At our next committee meeting our aim is to compile and collate those views that we have gathered over the last weeks of conversations; both in the focus groups and at the carnival. Your views of what you don’t want are as important and valid as those things you would like. This isn’t just about compiling a “wish list” for the Parish. This is also about celebrating those things that are great and we don’t want to change as much as it is about managing the level of change (if any) that is wanted or needed.

Wiltshire County are sending out a rural housing needs survey to every household in the Parish, so you should receive one of these soon. Please complete and return it. If there is no feedback Wiltshire County Council will assume you have no views or opinions. It is very obvious already that you are passionate about Bromham!

We are working towards an open meeting where you will be able to discuss the results of these consultations and a decision made on the direction that the Neighbourhood Plan should take.

Update from the group


Who are the steering group?

We are all members of Bromham community and live in Bromham Parish.

What actions have we taken so far?

At first, our understanding was that this was primarily about future housing in the village which led to the land availability questionnaire in January. The returns were very low, (approx 6.4% ). Just a few individual sites around the Parish were offered, of no more than 4 houses. Not surprising really, as the majority of land in Bromham is owned by a few landowners, who were not directly approached. We have since learned when a couple of members attended a workshop held by Wiltshire Council, that this narrow outlook is not the recommended approach.

What is the revised focus for steering group?

We are now focused on finding out what is really important to residents of the parish and what we really want Bromham to be like in the next 15-20 years. We aim to form a vision that everyone can agree on, for example, “Bromham will be the best large village to live in Wiltshire in 2036”, based on what you tell us. Once we have a vision, we can develop objectives to reach this vision. We will be creating opportunities for us to listen to your views in the community engagement stage of the process.

How is the steering is group going to gather views?

Firstly, we are going to hold some small group sessions with local groups, eg, the Youth club, where we will ask a set of questions about living in Bromham and note down your replies. If you don’t belong to an organised group and still want to give us your views, we will hold an open session, where any resident is welcome to participate.

At Carnival Day, you will have an opportunity to talk to a member of the steering group and leave your views on the themes emerging from the group sessions. Additionally, a rural housing needs survey will be undertaken in June to ascertain the current need for housing in Bromham.

What will we do with all these views?

We will write up what we found out and combine this with existing data and surveys from Wiltshire Council. The report will be shared with residents, Parish Council and Wiltshire Council. At this point a decision will be made about the direction of the plan.

Focus Group Consultation


Members of the steering group are in the process of holding a number of focus group consultations with residents of the parish.  Volunteers for the groups are being sought from a number of organisations within the community, with the aim of covering all age ranges.

This consultation is targeted at:

  • Developing a sense of what makes Bromham Parish a special place
  • Determining what strengths we have as a community
  • Learning what difficulties there are in living in Bromham
  • Investigating the opportunities for making the parish an even better place to live
  • Considering how changes over the coming years may affect life here

Our overall aim at this stage is to understand where we are now and to develop a shared vision of how residents would like the parish to  be in twenty years time.

Workshop with Wiltshire Council

Just before Easter two members of the steering group attended a workshop at Wiltshire Council.  This was aimed at parishes just starting out in developing a Neighbourhood Plan.


The main lesson learned at the workshop was the importance of consultation with residents of the area, not just specific to future housing developments but more generally.  Following this workshop the steering group are seeking opinions and ideas from residents, with the initial aim of defining a vision of what Bromham should be like in 20 years time.  From this vision we can then start to form a set of objectives that can move us towards that vision.