Who we are

The members of the Bromham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are all volunteers who are resident in Bromham Parish. We have put in many hours in trying to understand and follow the process to create a Neighbourhood Plan, motivated by the thought that such a plan will help to ensure that Bromham remains a vibrant community in the coming years.

Jim Butler

Parish Council Representative

Bromham based farmer and member of the Bromham Parish Council.

Catherine Read

I love our community here in Bromham, but if our children have to move away, who are we making it special for? So I joined the steering group because I want all our young people in the village to have the opportunity that I have had, of being able to share in this special place we call home, that they were brought up in, and to have homes available so that they can afford to continue to live in their community.

Bryn Read

My name is Bryn, 24, I moved to the village with my parents when I was 3 and have grown up in the village going through pre-school and primary school. I joined the steering group to help give a young person’s perspective of life in the village. I am keen to help preserve and enhance our community facilities to ensure that there is a wide variety of facilities available for all ages.

Mel Rhys

I moved to the village in early 2018 and wanted to contribute something to the community in my new home, so joined the steering group soon after I arrived.  My focus is to preserve the character of our beautiful village, while enabling people to get on the housing ladder and remain in the village.  I am also passionate about retaining all our local public rights of way and minimising the environmental impact of any future development.

John Schofield

Steering Group Secretary

I moved to Bromham in 2017 when my wife Ruth became the Rector here. Immediately prior to this I completed an MSc in “Renewable Energy and the Built Environment” so I have a passion for reducing the energy use in homes. I offered to join the steering group as a way of meeting people outside of the usual Church congregation and took on the role of secretary, as with my limited knowledge of the parish that seemed to be where I could contribute the most.

Greg Wilkinson

Serving on the Bromham Parish Council as well as the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.